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Music was born in me.

As a toddler it was tough balancing giant headphones while dancing - but nothing could stop me from swaying to the rhythmic beats of MJ, Janis Joplin, and Stevie Nicks!  Inspired by a wide array of musical genres, I spent my small town youth crafting lyrics and teaching myself piano... a soul-satisfying passion that to this very day has never left me.

Having endured a past riddled with heartache, I know from experience nothing heals quite like the transformative power of a touching and authentic song. To this end, I strive to create music that soothes, restores, uplifts and unites; a symphonic companion to comfort those sharing this brutal, beautiful journey called life.

I owe every success to my fans and family, my beloved wolfpack, without whom I'd never have believed in myself enough to share my voice and story.


Much love and remember to never let anything stop you from dancing. 💕



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